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About Us

Guiding your doctor search

Health Care Advantage is creating a new experience for Medicare recipients as they navigate their search for doctors dedicated to seniors. Through free, one-on-one conversations, our team will help empower you to reevaluate your current health care experience and review your options.

Putting seniors first

We put the focus back on seniors because you deserve to feel valued and respected. You deserve collaborative, individualized attention from physicians who care. And you deserve a choice when it comes to your health care.

Reducing the frustrations

We help connect you with doctors who have fewer patients and more time to focus on you. This helps reduce the burden of juggling multiple appointments or enduring long wait times to get an expert opinion.

Coordinating health care

Once you select a physician, you will have access to a dedicated team of advocates and supporters. They will communicate with your Medicare plan, your hospital and your specialists to collaborate and coordinate your care.

If you are having trouble scheduling your appointments or getting in to see your doctor, it may be time for a change. Talk to a member of our team to discuss the benefits of choosing a doctor dedicated to seniors.

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