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As a Value-Based Care provider you are well aware of the increased outcomes for your patients, the shorter waiting times with longer appointments and the many other benefits of the VBC model. But, regardless of the model you have chosen as a physician’s group to follow, it will all be in vain without patients. Not only patients, but the right patients.

Health Care Advantage is more than a marketing company and we pride ourselves on providing qualified patients for our partners. We believe in the VBC model and that all individuals deserve the best possible health care. That’s why at HCA our dedicated team will not only provide your organization with new patients, but we will walk with you every step of the way as a partner. Here are 5 ways a partnership with HCA is unique:

  1. Our process is not about generating volumes of individuals through informational “capture” techniques. In fact, the potential patients we send to our partners have been pre-qualified at various levels. HCA implements multi-marketing channels, all with the specific demographics of our partners in mind. But we don’t stop there! The dedicated HCA customer service team also spends time communicating with prospects further qualifying them as potential patients for our partners.
  2. Over 70% of the individuals we provide to our partners have also attended a 40 minutes informational event educating them on the benefits of VBC. However, HCA doesn’t just present a generic seminar. When we partner with you, we customize our presentation to highlight the specific benefits of VBC within your organization. Think about that! Each of these potential patients have been taught about the incredible benefits of VBC as well as learning how your organization can uniquely provide them with this high-quality health care.
  3. HCA does not just provide our partners with a list of names. We pre-register individuals to attend a special event at our partner’s location to tour the facility, meet the care-team and assist them in scheduling welcome visits to become patients. During the informational seminar our presenters expose the flaws in traditional health care models and teach the many benefits to the VBC model with particular emphasis upon your specific organization. These events have proven to drive both high volumes as well as highly qualified patients to our partner’s events.
  4. HCA also invests time to build relationships with patients and utilize various means to remind them of their upcoming events, further, we follow-up with those that were unable to attend and reschedule them for future events. All of these methods increase the overall capture rate—which only helps your bottom-line. Our team is committed to both the needs of the patients in addition to the needs of our partners.
  5. The partnership with HCA does not end after the event. Following each event our team begins focusing on the data while collaborating with our partners to further improve the overall success of the program. Our ongoing analysis and dialogue are designed to develop the long-term relationship with and success of our partners.

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