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Changing doctors is a big decision

At Health Care Advantage, we know your health care needs become more unique as you age. Through free, one-on-one discussions, our dedicated health advisors help empower you to discuss your individual circumstances and find a doctor that is a good fit for your needs. Our physician partners will take the time to listen to your health history and make your care transition as seamless as possible.

If you’re experiencing any of the following, it might be time to reach out and discuss your options:

You’re having trouble scheduling your appointments

Our partners offer convenient options to help you schedule and manage your appointments.

You are new TO Medicare, or will be soon

If you are new to Medicare or about to turn 65, you might want to consider a doctor dedicated to seniors.

You want more one-on-one time with your PROVIDERS

Our partner physician groups often see fewer patients, so they have more time to focus on you.

Your current doctors do not specialize in treating seniors

We only serve Medicare recipients with a focus on Medicare Advantage, so we understand your unique needs and challenges.

You’ve just moved and need to find a PHYSICIAN in your area

Find a doctor in your area who is dedicated to seniors and offers services aligned with your needs.

Your previous PROVIDER is no longer practicing

Now is the perfect time to establish a relationship with a physician specializing in senior health care.

Find a doctor near you  

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